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On March 30, 2002
Val of Goshen, IN, USA
Hello from Simon's mom in Goshen, IN. My Simon is a 7 month old Seal Point Siamese. Happy Easter!
On March 29, 2002
Gahbryel Conrad of Padova, Italy
Wrote: Hahahahahhhhahahhh.........wonderful!!! I love cats, and simon is mmmmmarrrvelousssss!!!!!!!!!
Kisses, Gahbryel :o)))))
On February 7, 2002
Scott V. of Geelong, VI, Australia
Hey leslie, cool deal with this site . . . thanks for the card too. Rock on 2002.
On September 9, 2000
Chotchky of God's Country---The South
Simon, you own one talented human! One tip---if you act real sick after eating the Easter candy you'll get your very own basket of goodies next year....IT WORKED FOR ME! You can see the proof here.
On April 7, 2000
the mouse that got away
cats are dumb.
On April 2, 2000
Eric Sundstrom of Salt Lake, UT, USA
woooooooo simon kick @$$ !!
On February 21, 2000
CyberGrrl of Sacramento, CA, USA
When do we get to see more/new pictures of Simon?
On August 27, 1999
Tasha vanderMaden of Folsom, CA, USA
Dear Simon:
I think that there should be "Tales of a Very Strange Kitty" posted on your site. I get to hear lots of great stories about you from your Aunt Leslie that I think other visitors would like to read. My kitty, Sunshine thinks you sound like a fun friend. Psycho Simon is the best!
On May 26, 1999
Poppy Branco of Camino, CA, Dog Country
Here Kitty kitty,
Poppy has a little treat for you! I live with a cat named Crash who knows a gal named Tracy who works with a guy named Chris who showed me the pictures of you. I like cats and can't wait to come over and play! Then maybe there will be pictures of us together and I can be a popular well loved star like you. Bye for now Arrfff. Poppy
On Apr. 28th, 1999
Crash Branco of Placerville, CA, USA
Dear Simon,
My name is Crash. I live with a guy who must work with your human friend, cuz he comes home telling me wild tales of you being a very bad kitty that he's heard around the office. I want to be a bad kitty and teach my human that keeps me captive some tricks and treats. Whadda ya know? Hey, I think I smelled you on the leg of your human just last night! Hopefully you got my secret scent too, as I'm sure I left it on her shirt and legs. Well, I gotta get back to sleep, as it's been a long day of "shred the couch" and "tease the dog". Peace and Purrs, Crash.
On Dec. 28th, 1998
Glenn Krusich of Placerville, CA, USA
Tracy takes the nicest pictures!
On Nov. 27th, 1998
Leslie Laurence of Rio Linda, CA, USA
I think Simon is the furriest cat on the planet. Or any other planet...