A Picture of My Dog Peppers
This is my dog Peppers. We rescued her from an abandoned apartment. She had been locked in it for a week. When my husband called me to say he'd brought home a puppy, I started composing all the reasons why we couldn't have another dog. Too expensive, too many dogs, too much hassle. When I got home I went out in the backyard and sat down on the deck. She came running over and climbed into my lap like she'd been doing that forever. And I swear, it was like someone pulled a string in my back, and my mouth popped open, and I heard myself say "Oh! Can we keep her???" She still eats like every meal could be her last. Smart dog.
A Picture of My Dogs Tasha and Ranger
Here are Tasha (upper left) and Ranger. We got Tasha when we lived in an area that was having a lot of home-invasion robberies. We thought we should get a small, inside dog. So we adopted one of the dogs that remained unclaimed after some recent flooding. Well... Tasha was still just a puppy. And a traumatized one at that. She was SO wired. She couldn't sit still or lie still. There was no way she could stay in the house. Sigh...

After about a year she calmed down. And is one of the best watch dogs I've ever seen. She also for a time had the habit of leaping up to the top of our 6 foot wooden fence, and hanging there by her front paws so she could see over it. I guess some people assumed that she was STANDING on her hind legs and looking over. One day the dogs got out, and one of the neighbors nervously asked "is that BIG dog out too?"

Ranger is the oldest, at least 10 years. He even has grey on the tops of his paws now. He has been a wonderful dog. He used to get to go for walks along the American River. My husband said that one time some horseback riders came around a bend and Ranger hid behind him. hehe... well... discretion is the better part of valor. ;)

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