"It is not hands that call us, it is desire."

The novella speaks to the consequences of desire.
Not desiring what you can have but what you cannot.
The problem is, we poor souls never really believe that something is truly beyond our grasp, and so pursue the forbidden.

Kirsty, at the conclusion of The Hellbound Heart, speculates on how to reach Rory:
"She would wait and watch, as she had always watched and waited, hoping that such a puzzle would one day come to her. But she would not grieve too deeply, for fear that the mending of broken hearts be a puzzle neither wit nor time had the skill to solve." (Barker, 1986:164)


© 1998-2006 Leslie Laurence
Clive Barker
The Hellbound Heart, c1986, HarperPaperbacks, New York