A Picture of Coy

"at once the sea wall and the storm surge itself..."

I met Coy Yearwood in September of '96. It was at our office production of The Wizard of Oz (don't ask). He was dressed as the Tin Woodsman and I was backstage reaching into his costume to turn him on. Um... to turn on his costume.

Even after that introduction he still hired me into the computer unit. Do you know how nice it is to work for someone who actually knows their stuff?

We don't work together any more, which is another story entirely. But we still talk. Now that I think about it, probably more than when we saw each other every weekday.

Coy gave me "this" computer. The quotes are because we have slowly been upgrading it, and he gets the original back bit by bit.

This computer opened up a whole new world to me. And honestly, it has been something of a lifeline for me through some pretty unhappy times.

Thank you Coy.