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2006 BBW; Read Banned Books: They're Your Ticket to Freedom


I do not have the patience of an owl. This morning when I was out watering at 4:30, it was very dark in the backyard. For some reason I looked up into the oak tree and there was a white blob sitting on one of the branches. I thought it was an owl, but was greedy and shined the flashlight on it for a better look. There he was, all creamy with those beautiful dark eyes. I only had the light on him for a second, then finished up the watering, turned off the porch light and the flashlight and went back out to see if I could still see him. He was up in the eucalyptus, with Orion rising behind him. I watched him for a long time as he peered down at the rats running around in the plum tree. I was hoping to see him fly down and catch one but I couldn't wait that long. Later I was eating breakfast and heard his screech so maybe he finally did after I left him alone.




What a magical day. Today I was on iTunes and checked, as I do every now and then, for the out of print album by 39 Steps called Slip Into The Crowd, and it was there!!! I've waited years to get a copy of the title track, which up until this point you could only hear in Hannah And Her Sisters. I've had that movie on just to hear that song. Now I can listen to it whenever I please, woo hoo!


Today is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Next year I will have a photo to contribute. There, I said it.

TV Turnoff week is drawing to a close. For me, it ends at 8 pm tonight so I can watch Simpsons. Considering I normally watch Simpsons every weekday at 5pm and 7pm, this week has been something of a trial for me. While others were learning to reconnect with their family, their hobbies, themselves, I learned something equally important. I miss my television!!!


omg... monkey! I thought my family was the only one that traveled with a monkey. But I was wrong, so very wrong. Stanley.

I'm not alone anymore: The Adventures of Monkeys.


"No TV and no beer make Homer something something..."
"Go crazy?"
"Don't mind if I do!!!"

For some strange reason I decided to cooperate with TV Turnoff Week. I don't watch much television so I didn't think it would be that hard. I learned that while I don't sit and watch the television, I constantly have it on "for company". Fifteen minutes after I got home that first night, I experienced actual physical cravings for the tv. Freakin' scary. So it has stayed off. But I don't have any beer either.


The 4th Exhibition of the Scarf Crazy group is online and my cobweb scarf is included. There is a wonderful variety of work there, so go get inspired!


Flickr gallery updated with photos from today's visit to the Sacramento Zoo.

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